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Switch Element 6 at SBHQ

The Switch kiteboarding released the Element 6. SBHQ kite school used and tested them for over a month and students are very happy of the E6 performance.

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 Sandy Beach HQ exclusively uses Switch Kiteboarding products. This followed an exhaustive search for a brand that offered the combination of superb performance & safety coupled with rugged durability .
 Busy schools such as ours offer an idea road testing ground for kite & boards …particularly when  it comes  to dishing out all sorts of punishment to equipment .We also chose Switch because they impressed us greatly with their willingness to listen to & understand customers needs such as ours .

Switch was founded by a group of dedicated water sports enthusiasts. Talented both on and off the water the group set out on a mission to revolutionize the kiteboarding world by making the sport ‘accessible to all’.

New Zealand based, the group embraced the worlds’ best, teaming up with renowned kitesurfing designer Bill Hansen (San Francisco), professional wave rider Felix Pivec (Hawaii) and world class kitesurfer Marc Jacobs (New Zealand) and attracting a talented group of Team Riders.

The team spent several years designing, perfecting and establishing this rebellious brand and thanks to their unique direct business model, which they intend to maintain, kiteboarders from across the globe can now access the worlds’ best pro design kite gear at wholesale prices.

What started as an idea from a backlash to the high cost of kitesurfing gear, has grown Switch into a brand supported globally by a group of extreme athletes, and dedicated loyalist kiters. Fuelled by adventures far and wide, driven by passion and continually pushing boundaries Switch will continue its quest to make kitesurfing accessible and to create the products you love.

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